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Elevate your Business with our All-Encompassing Consulting Service.

Price - Rs. 999/- 

  1. Define the problem of your business

  2. Gather Data

  3. Analyze the data

  4. Develop a solution

  5. Implement the solution

  6. Monitor the solution

  7. Continuously improve


Discussion on Specific Problem in your Business

Price - Rs. 2,999/- 

  1. Identify the problem

  2. Gather Data

  3. Analyze the Data

  4. Brainstorm Solutions

  5. Evaluate Solutions

  6. Implement the Solution

  7. Monitor and Adjust


Brand Building & Digital Presence Package

1. Comprehensive Online Presence: We cover your website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google My Business, and WhatsApp Business.

2. Professional Website: We create and manage your website, a vital online asset.

3. Social Media Expertise: Expertly handle Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.

4. Google My Business: Optimize your listing for local search visibility.

5. WhatsApp Business Integration: Direct customer communication and support.

6. Sales & Telecalling: Dedicated teams for lead generation and conversion.

7. Content Creation: Engaging content for web and social media.

8. Analytics & Reporting: Data-driven insights for better decisions.

9. Customized Strategy: Tailored to your goals and audience.

10. Affordable Pricing: Rs 45,000 for a 3-month package.

11. Proven Results: Track record of success with past clients.

12. Dedicated Support: Available for queries and adjustments.

13. Transparency: Open communication and progress updates.

14. Scalability: Options to expand if you see positive results.

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