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General Discussion on your Queries on making career as a freelancer

  1. Introduction to Freelancing

  2. Advantages of Freelancing

  3. Getting Started

  4. Building a client Bas

  5. Managing Projects

  6. Continuous Learning and Skill Development

  7. Expanding Your Freelance Business

  8. Dealing with Challenges

  9. Transitioning to Full-Time Freelancing

  10. General Discussion via Call and E-mail

Rs. 999/-

Creating a Solid Career Growth Plan for Freelancing

1. Self-Assessment and Skill Mapping
2. Goal Setting
3. Skill Enhancement Strategy (3-Months Plan)

       Month 1: Learning and Skill Development
       Month 2: Practice and Application
       Month 3: Specialization and Refinement

4. Networking and Brand Building
5. Building a Client Base
6. Time Management and Goal Tracking
7. Establishing a Pricing Strategy
8. Delivering High-Quality Work
9. Seeking Feedback and Continuous Improvement
10. Scaling and Expanding

Rs. 4,999/-

Join Our Freelancer Career Program - Sharpen Your Skills

1. Program Introduction: An overview of the Freelancer Career Program's objectives and benefits.

2. Tailored Curriculum: A personalized learning path based on your skill assessment.


3. Skill Enhancement: In-depth training modules to develop key freelancing skills.


4. Expert Workshops: Interactive sessions led by industry professionals, focusing on the latest trends.


5. Mentorship: Access to experienced mentors for guidance and support


6. Effective Communication: Training in client interaction, proposal writing, and negotiation.


7. Business Essentials: Managing contracts, payments, and legal aspects of freelancing.


8. Online Presence: Building a strong personal brand through networking and social media.


9. Earning Strategies: Developing competitive pricing strategies for optimal income.


10. Live Projects: Hands-on experience through real-world project assignments.

Rs. 19,999/-

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